Did you know...

- "Zero One (Infancy of Infinity)" was the first Enigmatical song written and recorded

- "Zero One (Infancy of Infinity)" is built around 2 notes going "010101" until the final riff of the song

- "Call From The Void" has the morse-code signal for "S.O.S" inserted both as a sample and within a synth-melody

- The cover-art for each of the "Transmission" EPs is based on the same "Entity portrait"

- The cover-art of "Transmission I" has a binary code embedded to represent the track "Zero One (Infancy of Infinity)"

- The cover-art of "Transmission II" has pentagrams in the eyes of the entity to represent the track "We Are The Demons"

- The cover-art of "Transmission III" has the morse-code for "S.O.S" under the logo to represent the track "Call From The Void"

- The lyrics of "Cosmic Domination" has the words "Blood Fire Death" within the chorus and last verse as a tribute to Bathory

- The "bells" on "Ekpyrotic Gateways" reappears briefly on "Dark Energy Entities"

- The synths that starts "Dark Energy Entities" reappears briefly on "Call From The Void"

- Each "Transmission" EP has a simular track-order with a midpaced opener, a more straightforward follow-up and a more electronic closer

- "Transmission I" and "Transmission II" has almost the exact same running-time, differing only 1 second.