August 16, 2019

This second trilogy offers a more riff-heavy affair then its predecessor, while the electronic influences are still heavily present. The fusion of black metal and electronica also borrows from melodeath & industrial music to create a familiar yet unique listening experience.As a special bonus all 3 tracks are also available as instrumentals for those who download from our BandCamp page =

August 9, 2019

From the upcoming EP "Transmission II" we present "Dark Energy Entities", a track that perfectly fuse extreme metal with synthwave in a way never heard before. This will be the third and last track from "Transmission II" what will be released friday August 16th.

June 6, 2019

The cover for "Transmission II" is unveiled! The familiar entity-portrait is set in a darker, more metal tone to reflect the direction for the new upcoming release compared to the heavily electronic debut. With song-titles like "Dark Energy Entities", "We Are The Demons" and "E.T.A.I." this new EP will pave forth a new chapter for Enigmatical, and its listeners. Stay tuned!

May 18, 2019 is officially launched!