Enigmatical started as a instrumental project by an unearthly entity to bring a fusion of electronic music and extreme metal in a way that hasn't been done before.

The debut EP "Transmission I" was released in October 2018, and while being a number-one hit in Zeta Reticuli, earthlings could not understand the telepathic information provided by the entity.

So a human called Simon Chttln (Nullentropy, Aetheria Conscientia, Hoeverlord) was abducted for the purpose of vocal deliverance to bring forth the messege and "Transmission I" was re-released with a dominate vocal perfomance on March 1, 2019...

"Fusing industrial black metal riffing with sweeping electronic landscapes, Enigmatical aims to create a familiar yet unique listening experience.

The lyrical concept takes us through a dark multiverse from the perspective of interdimensional entities, dwelling within the dark energy among us."

The idea is to release 3-song EPs until a trilogy is completed, which will then transpire into a full-length compilation. Then the cycle will start over. But for now, we await "Transmission II"... the second part of the first trilogy.

Some human statements include =

"This band is inspired by space, aliens, and industrial metal which is why I think this band is interesting because it's different and new to the metal table.
This band has a different take in music and I appreciate the sounds they're bringing in and what they're doing with the concepts"

- thepowerriff

"Alien black metal just hits a soft spot for me and this hits the mark for sure. If you like bands like Red Harvest, Therm Eye Flame, Pinch Black and Samael then you won't want to pass this EP by. The mix of synths shredding industrialism and rasping vocals is spot on 5/5"

- simonsmith7374

Enigmatical are =

The Entity: Guitars, bass, electronics, programming

Simon Chttln: Vocals